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After all, when you're looking for a roommate, why not live with a friend? You probably know them a lot better than an internet stranger from Craigslist, right? Even though not everyone has good luck when living with a friend, some best friends are roommates and make it work. Pathak, founder of the Center for Soulful Relationshipstells Besyie. Go into it with an attitude of openness and no expectations, just like if you were to move in with roommatee stranger," she says.

But, ultimately, that made us work as roommates.

Looking for a bestie roommate

Use your energy towards something more productive — energy is fleeting and precious. Honesty is the key in both a living situation and a friendship — which are two things that we all share.

Looking for a bestie roommate

We have a few. If I could go back in time, I would go with the flow, and I wouldn't obsess about my roommate's quirks or differences in communicating.

Looking for a bestie roommate

We have it down pat! I definitely agree with Pathak's tips, especially how talking things out with your BFF-turned-roommate is the way to go. Roommtae is meticulous and doesn't like any dishes in the sink, and so I NEVER leave dishes, spoons, pots or defrost chicken in the sink!

Looking for a bestie roommate

You want your living environment to be comfortable and safe, so if you happen to have an issue with your roommate, address it right away rather than letting it fester. As 'sisters,' eyebrows are not easily raised in our apartment. When we are in a disagreement and the discussion is not positive nor helpful, we yell the word 'Patricia' and we walk away until we've calmed down. Pathak, founder of the Center for Soulful Relationshipstells Bustle. We knew how much we both took home with each paycheck and how much money was in the other person's bank.


Why Living With Your BFF Is the Best - Best Friend Roommates

Andrea is working to become a small group leader, and I focus on my young professionals boards. Then I get to cooking while she enjoys her very healthy dinner.

I would leave half-drunk cups of coffee around the house, and she would take the toothpaste out of my bathroom if she ever ran out of her stash. What are our tips for making it work? I could go on, because we're really quite obsessed with each other Tip 3: Conflict is hard to manage, but it's easier with a friend. Roommate to moving in, I lookign freaked out that living together would ruin our friendship.

Every Pinterest-loving girl dreams of having a best friend photo shoot done by a professional photography (you know, the kind that can make you look like a. We didn't know each other before moving in together, but we just happened to be well-matched. We share a bathroom.

Should I Live With My Best Friend? 13 BFFs Who Are Roommates, And How They Make It Work

Everyone is different, and we're all trying. My one tip to any friends who decide to live as roommates is to address issues in real time. Follow that you respect versus your BFF," says Elizabeth Hoyt from fastweb. We're both pretty laid back and respectful of each other.

1. Start early

I think when you live with a BFF, you have to treat them like family almost and address anything that comes up but also let things go. It feels like family and, as such, we can put aside the drama of friendship and just focus on being there for each other, no matter what. Sisters are way more open and direct than even the bestest of friends — they don't judge, and accept their differences. We often switch off between the two and still manage to have the most fun when it's just her and I hanging out.

Looking for a bestie roommate

If something annoys you or if you know you have particular expectations ahead of the move-in, express your feelings. Third, keep the lines of communication open and bring up any difficult conversations with 'I' statements pooking 'I feel,' 'I see,' 'I notice,' etc. Remember they are human, and take it as an opportunity to keep learning about them.

Looking for a bestie roommate

The greatest benefit of having a roommate is doing life together side by side, especially if you're still trying to figure out how to adjust to the. They don't compete for the other's attention, they just 'are.

Looking for a bestie roommate I Am Looking For Horny Dating

Being in a new city, we became instant best friends because we didn't know anyone; we only had each other. Not only do we live together, but we hang out together on the weekends and travel together.

Our birthdays are two years and one day apart! She has clicked with them and now considers them her friends, too!

Looking for a bestie roommate

A roommate search doesn't have to be hard, but it will take time. Such as, 'I notice when you ebstie other friends over, you guys leave dishes around the house, and then I feel our space isn't being respected. Tip 1: Make sure your schedules work well together before moving in.

Looking for a bestie roommate

At first, it was very exciting and fun to be reunited after both moving away from California, but then reality bestif in. After high school, we went on to different universities and graduated in May before moving to the city together in January It also helped that we rented a property that we could both afford, and I trusted her to pay her bills and share of the rent and utilities each month, as much as she knew I roomkate pay mine.

Looking for a bestie roommate

Heritscalledbalancefeatures healthy, tasty meals, and my yogathefeistyyogifeatures lifestyle motivation, yoga tipsetc. We both moved to the city after a few years at home and we were both newly single — so we were completely on the same. She normally cooks dinner at that time, and I'll follow. If there are too many dirty dishes, we call each other out; if we steal each other's food, we'll replace it; if the air is on too low, we tell lolking other to deal with it so our bill isn't high AF.

And, finally, I think it's important to remember you are both young people just trying to figure life out and it's important to be attentive to one another and in tune with each other and have compassion. Now that's teamwork!

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